This I Love: Dell 32-inch Curved 4K Monitor (S3221QS)

This I Love: Dell 32-inch Curved 4K Monitor (S3221QS)

Big-ass monitors. You love ’em. I love ’em. We’ve both spent our lives trying to find the right one. For the longest time, I’ve been putting off the move to 4K based on how strange my wife’s 5K iMac looks. But then: providence. I was randomly looking around and came across this Dell S3221QS at a pretty steep discount. Ordered it, took a week to get used to the curve and the 4K, and now I don’t think I could ever go back. This? This I love.

Welcome to This I Love, a collection of cool toys, awesome software, and physical objects that I just absolutely love. Every one of these things is a recommended buy (unless they are not for sale, e.g., Natalie Portman), so listen to me gush and then decide for yourself whether you want to spend a little cash to buy a lot of happiness. Enjoy!

So Much Space!

What I love most about this monitor is how much stuff I can fit on the screen at one time. For example, when I’m rewriting a novel, I usually have multiple Word docs open at the same time, plus OneNote, FreeMind, a browser, and a little dancing girl on the taskbar. Just kidding. I don’t use FreeMind anymore. Combining all this real estate with Microsoft’s Fancy Zones PowerToy means you can perfectly arrange those windows for maximum aesthetic harmony.

I used to keep an iPad next to my desk to watch Netflix on because there wasn’t enough real estate on the monitor. No more. Now it’s all there in front of me, and I love it.

Space is Curved

I wasn’t too sure about the curving part, and when I went back to work this week, my regular non-curved monitor seemed like it was bowing outward. I guess you get used to it.

The stand it comes with isn’t high enough for me, so I had to improvise. I’m thinking of getting one of those monitor arms, but I’m a stickler for things being exactly level. Funny enough, the curvature of the monitor makes it stand out from the things behind it, like the digital frame above the monitor in the above photo. It makes it look like the monitor isn’t exactly perpendicular. Drove me crazy that first week.

I See Everything

Fitting more on the screen is awesome, especially if you’re working on multiple documents or windows. Games can be downscaled all the way to 1080p if your graphics card can’t keep up, so you’ll still be able to play.

One thing to note is that Windows will probably try to auto-scale windows for you once it detects the monitor. If your eyes can handle it (they will adjust), set it back down to 100% (no scaling).

One downside is that if you design webpages, your perspective may get skewed. What you think fits in a standard Chrome window will be giant and cluttered in a non-4K person’s monitor.

Damn non-4K people.

Speaking of Price Cuts

As of today, the Dell 32 Curved 4K UHD Monitor S3221QS is sitting at $424.99. The only reason I went to check the price was because now that I’m going back to the office, I need one for there as well. I paid about $100 less back in February of 2021, so I haven’t pulled the trigger yet. As soon as it comes down, I’ll be getting a second one.

I do get the sense the S3221QS is the “entry-level” curved 4K, but who has the money for an UltraSharp these days? Unless your company is footing the bill, this version should be fine.

If you have been waiting to make the jump to 4K, now is a good time. I’d say $350-$400 is a good price for this one.

If you’re already running a 4K monitor, which one did you get? Let me know in the comments so I can second guess my purchase!

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