Dad’s Journal: The Horrors of Astro’s Playroom

Dad’s Journal: The Horrors of Astro’s Playroom

My son still lacks the hand-eye coordination to play video games on the PS5, but that doesn’t stop him from plopping down next to me in my chair to watch and order me around as I play. Recently, while looking for a new game, he asked for Astro’s Playroom. And that’s fine. No violence or nudity or harsh language to be found here. What you will find here, however, are little cutesy Astro siblings acting out some of the best and worst moments in gaming history. And that’s all fine too, until you see something that gives you instant PTSD. Something like:

It will be years yet before El Matador experiences the horror of The Last of Us and the utterly soul-crushing death march of its sequel, and I can’t help but envy that kind of ignorance. For him, the world is still a wonderful, friendly, and inviting place.

Silly boy.

Silly boy with your dreams!

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