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Conversations With My Wife: Donkey Hoe Tee

Have you ever wondered how they change lightbulbs at the Barnes & Noble? You think some guy is just walking around with a 20 foot ladder and a bag of bulbs? No--that would be too non-invasive. Instead, they drive a cherry picker into the store and...

Parental Anecdotes: Floop Flakes

The Adventures of Floop and his trusty sidekick Agent Speckle continued tonight, though not without constant interruption from Matador. Oh, it can't be that bad, Daniel, you say, as if you were somehow watching us through a camera hidden in the air...

Poems I Wrote In My Closet: Daddy

I wrote a poem in my closet this morning. Thinking of entering it in a few festivals, maybe Cannes, I don't know. I'm not really ready for all that fame and success. In the meantime… life goes on.

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